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Thursday, November 27, 2008 @ 9:51 PM: Sexy Boy Being a Hero.
I wanted to go pee in my sister's toilet.
I saw a spider on the wall, in the toilet.
I try to smack it. lol
The spider ~fhooshhh~ into my computer room.
I used a floor mat, to smack it. lol
My sister took some pictures @.@ lol.
So, below there are some pictures, lets see how i did it. lol.
Of course! Ryan won ;) lololol. hahaha.
~fhooshhh~ trying to run away from me. lol *coward* hahaha.
CANDID! lol.
Being like a kid :P saw a lil dot there? lol. Big Vs Tiny. haha.

I'm sorry. May you R.I.P
Now its time for you to be in the bin. R.I.P
I'm sorry. >.<
Sexy lil Simpson Boxer. HAHAHAHAHAHA! :P
The fight happened this morning(lol). I just woke up around 10.30.
Sorry lil spidy :(

Sunday, November 23, 2008 @ 10:50 PM: My new Sexy Blog.









Wednesday, November 12, 2008 @ 6:25 PM: Going Out B4 Exams.
Last Sunday, 9th November.
Went to Sunway Pyramid for Bowling, Movie and Wendy's!!!
So, here are some pictures:
Random. Ice Skating.
Raping the bowling alley. lol.
The machine? lol.
The world no.1 ~LOL!
Aiyah! scored 111 :(
Sexy Wendy's Restraunt.
The Cashier? lol.
I'll rape all my food!
My cousin, Aaven, with his potato.
ME! lol.
James Bond, Quantum Of Solace! was Okay Okay lar~!
** better than Casino Royale** :D

Exam is just around the corner. lol.

Good boy like me, gtg study! ciao. lol

Sunday, November 9, 2008 @ 7:46 AM: Cute's Blogger Award. From Beandots, Patricia.
Thank you, Beandots, Patricia for tagging me. I have no idea what is this. LOL! Beandots, you sound so happy, lol for being tagged by someone else. XD Errr, thank you thank you. lol!
So here's the rules that you should obey if you are tagged.
1. each blogger must post this rules
2. each blogger starts with ten random facts/habbits about themselves
3. blogger that are tagged need write about their own blog their ten things and post these rules . you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names .
4. don`t forget to live them comment telling them they`ve been tagged and to read your blog .

Ten Random Facts About Me.

1. I love muscular body, so i'm building it up. lol.

2. I love telling jokes, dirty ? clean ? mostly dirty ;) [not pervert here!, just trying to make my friends laugh. :) ]

3. I can be very nice or bad, depends how they treat me.

4. I'm shy to girls. lol.

5. I regret that, I started working out since 13 yr old. Now, shorty.

6. I don't fight, cause, fighting will never solve problems.

7. I hate people playing me around. (like for example, using me, teasing, lying,etc.)

8. I'll go crazy sometimes, whenever I get hyper.

9. Hate those boys who likes being gay. (like for example smacking buttocks, touching balls, etc.)

10. I hate studying.

I tag these awesome people I know.

1. Beandots

2. Kristin

3. Joanne

4. Rachel Wong

5. Rachel Wan

6. Angel

7. Ashley Edwards

8. None?

9. None?

10. None?

Saturday, November 8, 2008 @ 12:58 PM: The Fucking day.
"Some day", After school, I was like being played by those boys. That girl, ignore and joined them? I'm wondering, thinking about what Emmanuella told me "some stuff" before, i think that would be happening NOW. All I do is, covering my face, walking away, out to school with my friend, Ramprakash. Is just like a drama? I don't really belive whatever Emmanuela told me, but now I think thats true. Whenever I talk to her, just a reply and walked away. I told her, tell me the truth, and I'll stop, still dragging time, I don't mind, cause exam is coming very soon. Why drama all the time? Drama, I hate that ALOT. Why not tell him the truth? I got played by those boys, like WTF? I'm just being like a soft toy. I solve problems for you sometimes, and you? I had been teased and played around by those boys all the time. Since you're still on drama, what can I do? like wth? My friend, Meng Kin, he needs to go for extra class, lucky thing that he talks to me for a while and went for class. Me? being tease and played by those boys around and just walk out to school. Just DRAMA, made me like a toy. Maybe thats not drama? as what Emmanuella said, might be the truth? I have no idea. She seems to ignore me sometimes, but its okay, i don't mind maybe i'm anoying her? Just tell me, don't hide, i don't mind. So that, i do not need to think about you that much all day running in my brian, you're not tired? running, running and running in my brain(just like a running machine). I have no idea, lol. I'm not a person that, hurting myself cause of a person? or maybe suicide? lol. To me, I'm easy, talk, may solve problems. If you don't want to tell me, I seriously, do not know what to do. Just like a stupid boy being played. wtf? What if I ignore you, like opposite, what do you feel? If the truth comes, then everything settle. I can't feel the connection. I'm not here to hurt you, just hope you would understand.


lol, there are lots broken english.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 @ 6:35 PM: Apple!
Hiah. sorry for posting crap.XD
I was bored.
Sorry for wasting food too. I trew some part of the skin. >.<
Apple~ With 4 lines.
Apple~ with eyes. lol

The watermelon-apple.
Watermelon- apple with my history text book. XD
Sexiest Apple.

And taste SEXY! lol.

Good boy like me, do study. LOL.
While studying, got time to have fun with an apple.

Monday, November 3, 2008 @ 3:18 PM: Crocs Schooling Day.
Wearing Crocs to school.
Nah, i just got few cuts on my foot. It is so comfy, XD.
Lots people asked me what happen?
and some people said that, WTF? ewww ugly. lol.
To me, i love it :D hehe.
I brought my phone today. I kept it in my bag, i forgot to turn it off or even put it on silent mode.
omg! lucky that my phone dident ring at all. phew. hahaha.
DAMN! Exam 1 and 1/2 week to go.
Study, study, study.
Good boy like me, do study. lol!

Sunday, November 2, 2008 @ 9:21 PM: Steamboat!
Random Post.
Had dinner near by my house, steamboat! ^.^(some where in Cheras.)
Around 8pm+
I'm not in any of this picture because the camera man was me. lol
Waiting for food to come. Saw my phone? ;) lol.
Lets kill those food. Dad was asking, "How about prawn?" lol.
Food Food~ lalalala~
This is called ART, by Ryan. lol.
The food was okay okay larrr~! :D

Saturday, November 1, 2008 @ 2:54 PM: Happy Halloween

Trick or Treat? :D

Carmen organized Halloween Party at The Ship, Bukit Bintang.

It was 7pm till 11pm++.

And there are two girls who helped Carmen too, Angeline and Patricia.

My Phone's Camera, Edit by Kristin:

Kristin and I. DMWTK!

Yun Young's Camera:

Angeline, Me and Meng Kin.

Tan Ee's Camera:

Kristin and I. :D

Arghhh! the HULK! with his gang.lol

Kee En is wearing my Casper Mask. Made by ME!

The gayness. ^.^

Yuri's Camera:

Charlie Angels. Yuri, Patricia and Angeline. ^.^v

Charlie Angels 2. lol

Angeline's hand and Michelle(if i'm not mistaken). Confessing. =x (jkjk)

The Pasive Sisters. Kristin and Lourdez.

Joker!, Youmei.

Meng Kin and Mohammad.** Mohammad finished his spaghetti, and he stole Meng Kin's spaghetti. Fat BOY! lol.

Retard! lol. Me.

Me and Patricia.

Crazy Mood, On. lol. (she is not fugly) =x

Meng Kin was wearing my hand made Casper's Mask. lol.

Lol. Marry me please. hahahaha!

OMG! Mohammad that guy sitting on me. Pain, pain, pain, my ass. lol.

Look at the gayness. SEXY!

Doink~ Boink~

I used RM 45 for my Lamb Chop and Chicken Soup.
After The Ship, some of us (lazy to list them) went to 7 Eleven to get a drink.
After buying a drink, we walked all the way to KLCC, Fountain.
I bought Anchor (cheapscate, lol) RM 6.60.
I went back home around 12am, Meng Kin and Mohammad slept over my house cause no one picking them up.

Pigs For Sale, Meng Kin and Mohammad. LOL!

They're going back home. I'm just sending them to the bus stop.

Show Off!

Lol. haha